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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the dedicated effort of
Tuff Luv Functional Fitness
and the essential need of our
Paleo Tuff Luv- Nutrition Program

We are happy to share just a few of our success stories from all types of

Fitness Goals! 

Brad had worked hard in gyms for years, but never saw much change. We talked about his goals, Brad understood the right nutrition and meal planning was missing before and critical for his goals and training.

He was 100% dedicated to the plan, and saw results in just a short time!   


She had struggled for years with lots of gym and aerobic classes and the 5 & 10k runs. She never lost weight / fats or felt stronger. 

She was surprised to understand what her healthy nutrition needed to be compared to standard media programs for weight loss.
She started with us with a new understanding of healthy nutrition and effective

fitness workouts.


Video Success Story!

She has achieved amazing health and fitness goals. But she amazed how getting stronger gave her such a positive feeling everyday, and wanting to go out to the world and enjoy as much it as possible!

"I got this"

/// Johana Rock

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